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We are a small and nimble team dedicated to finding solutions for climate resilience.  We promote these easy solutions to the world.

We can Help!

Working on climate change for almost thirty years, providing services to businesses, municipal, provincial and federal governments to help in reducing the impact of climate change. 

We work with you to identify your climate resilience problems and help you on the path to reducing the impact of climate change.

We Offer

NodelCorp University 

Learn about Resilience through Self-Directed Training


Assessment and Advice on Managing Climate Risk 


Our Thoughts about Climate, Risk and Resilience

Reducing the impact of climate change

Who We Are

We help you build resilience to climate change through engineering, training and influencing.

We use technical, social and financial tools to help you solve your resiliency problems.

We believe the resilience is the path to success.

NodelCorp University

​​​​Easy Solutions for Your Climate Resilience

We are a forum for self-directed learning covering climate change and resilience training.

Located in Alberta, we are THE source for learning about climate assessment in Canada.

We offer a range of courses. Easy, single lessons that you can review in less than half an hour. Also, extended offerings that take a deep dive into climate and risk assessment issues.

Are there topics you would like us to cover in a course? Let us know. We'd love to hear from you!

To see our current offerings, visit NodelCorp University.

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