1 Problem with Climate Change Dollars and Sense

Human caused climate change is real. Those of us that work in climate change have long since dealt with our doubts about it. In previous videos I shared some of my own struggles to come to grips with this. It is a big idea. The world is big and we are so small. How can the idea that we are causing climate change ever be credible?

In fact, IT IS an incredible idea, and a very scary one.  Accepting it obligates us to do something. And this onus, adds further incentive to reject the idea outright. Most of us are pretty comfortable. We really like the way things are. Why should we accept any idea that demands that we change? 

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1 Final Optimistic Video for 2019 3

1 Final Optimistic Video for 2019

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Joan and I want to send out a huge thank you to all of you who travelled this journey with us this year. Your feedback and support made it all worthwhile. ...

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Climate Change – 2 Optimistic Messages 4

Climate Change – 2 Optimistic Messages

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Yet 1 More Sneaky Climate Shaming Tactic 5

Yet 1 More Sneaky Climate Shaming Tactic

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