October 25, 2019


Joel Nodelman

2 Basic Facts About Negative Climate Politics

About the author

Joel is an engineer and risk management specialist with over forty years of professional practice. He is committed to helping his clients achieve climate resiliency and sustainability.

It is a political time. Between the shenanigans down south and our Canadian federal election, politics dominates the news, and the issues are polarized. Politics is always a keen public fascination, certainly throughout my lifetime. But, over the last few years it seems more heated than ever in my life. Perhaps, there are more ways for us to share opinions and social media allows a wide latitude of ideas, many without and basis in fact. 

This all spills over into our climate work.  Government projects can be hard to find when folks see letting a contract on a climate issue as a political statement. 

But beyond that, we see climate as a top of mind political issue, with sides drawing up, based on party affiliation. And it is more hotly debated than I have seen in over twenty-five years, and everyone is an expert, perhaps, except the experts.

Climate change is not a policy argument. It has no political leaning. It doesn’t care if you are a liberal or a conservative, any more than gravity cares.

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