Joan Nodelman

Joan is a specialist in governance, education and risk management with over forty years of professional practice. She is committed to helping clients achieve their organizational objectives and goals through holistic risk management.

Going on a Carbon Diet

Going on a Carbon Diet

Last week, I saw an ad on television for the umpteenth time. The ad made me realize that going on a carbon diet is similar to any other reduction activity.

Climate Change Isn't a Hobby

Climate Change isn’t a Hobby

For me, climate change isn’t a hobby. On a recent blog post, I received comments like “My, you chat about climate change so often!”  I admit to being a squeaky wheel on the topic.  However, I got the impression that the comment suggested that I view climate change as a “Hobby”, a diversion, like playing with LEGO.  The …

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Silos in Climate Resilience

Silos in Climate Resilience

Often, I wonder about the cause of silos in climate resilience, and how those walls deter effective climate action. As an Asian woman, sometimes I am ignored in the workplace and social forums. I have difficulty accepting that sexism or racism are alive and well. So, often I fall into the trap of believing it’s my …

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climate, catastrophe and blame

Climate, Catastrophe and Blame

The Collision Collisions are like curling. In curling, we hurl stones at each other and the impact results in planned and unplanned consequences that can be catastrophic to your game strategy. In our work, we often confront the same mix of climate, catastrophe and blame Eighteen months ago, my son drove into an intersection just …

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