​​​​Business Philosophy

Business Philosophy 1
Photo by Faye Cornish on Unsplash

When we incorporated Nodelcorp in 2002, we started with one overarching philosophy. In everything we do, we must stay true to the principles of balance and equity – in our business practices, our impact on the environment, and our relationships with our clients and colleagues. Over the years we have refused assignments that we believed conflicted with these principles. We aggressively pursue work with socially and environmentally enlightened clients. In some cases, we are retained by clients that wish to change their direction to get on to a more sustainable path. Those assignments can be the most rewarding of all.

In our consultancy, we follow several principle practices, which we endeavour to instill in our deliverables and relationships. These include:

We are a professional engineering organization, licensed in Alberta. In all of our work, we apply the principles of the APEGA Code of Ethics and the ethical standards of professional courtesy and practice. We respect other’s intellectual property and we ensure that stakeholder input is reasonably considered and reflected in our deliverables.

If you wish to discuss our business philosophy, feel free to reach out to us.