Minimizing our Footprint

Minimizing our Footprint 1

Keep it Small

When we established Nodelcorp, we made an active decision to stay small. We operate with minimal office space, and with very little overhead. We work out of the same home office that we started in over twenty years ago, because two locations would double our environmental impact. By opting to operate this way, we minimize our vehicle use, further reducing our emissions profile.

Collaborate Remotely

We try as much as possible to work with clients by telephone and through web-based meeting and collaboration platforms. In this way, we minimize air travel, its associated costs, and the emissions generated by business travel. While we enjoy the personal connection of face-to-face meetings, we encourage our clients to use our cloud services to reduce their costs and the environmental impact of our services.

Less Waste

On a small scale, we aggressively minimize waste production and recycle. Unless we are generating a report for a client, there is no such thing as one-sided printing in our operation. We print most day-to-day jobs on good-one-side paper.

We strive to operate a paperless operation, relying on electronic filing and reporting. While we will provide a paper copy of a report if a client requires it, we encourage the use of electronic reports. This approach reduces waste and also minimizes the space allocated to files in our office. Once again, this reduces our footprint and promotes a more sustainable operation.

Small Steps – Big Impact

While these are small steps, they stem from our belief that environmental success is based on many small, measured steps rather than from one giant leap. We provide services in sustainable development and climate resiliency, and we try to live by these principles in our daily activities.

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