Using the Cloud

Nodelcorp web based consultation

Web-based consultation improves client service delivery. Not only does Nodelcorp Consulting Inc provide a wide range of services, but we also offer a variety of ways for clients to utilize our services.  We are available to handle most contracts face to face or via telephone.  However, we are aware that some clients are not able to connect with us easily that way.

Nodelcorp utilizes web-based consultation to enhance its core business processes.  Through these systems Nodelcorp Consulting Inc is able to:

  • Interact with clients via intuitive web conferencing tools
  • Create interactive workspaces for clients to allow easy interaction with us and colleagues
  •  Share large amounts of information with us and other colleagues via cloud distribution


By utilizing cloud-based systems, Nodelcorp consulting Inc. is able to interact with a larger range of clients. Furthermore, through expanding into an online space, we are able to help individuals who may not traditionally have the means to access our services in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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