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pulling together for climate resiliency

Pulling Together for Climate Resiliency

Mainstreaming Climate Resiliency One of my biggest concerns in climate change resiliency work is the emphasis on assessment tools. In this commentary, I focus on pulling together for climate resiliency, making climate resiliency core business. When organizations view climate resiliency as a mainstream activity, the entire team can pull together. This perspective allows the team …

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Tools Are Not Enough to Achieve Climate Resiliency

Climate Resiliency – Tools are not Enough

Many Tools – Many Twists Over the years that we have been working in climate resiliency, we have developed multiple assessment tools.  In the beginning, there were not climate risk assessment tools.  Measuring climate change risk was new.  We seemed to be breaking Read More … Read More … Read More … Read More … Read More ………

ERM - A Well Oiled Machine

ERM – A Well Oiled Machine

A Well-Oiled Machine Enterprise risk management (ERM) is like a well-oiled machine. Management culture varies.  Each departmental leader has a different approach and style, which underlies the culture of their business unit.  Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) draws on these differences in style and culture across an organization, establishing a unified and cohesive approach to managing risk and …

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Through the climate lens and beyond

Through the Climate Lens and Beyond

The Federal Government published the Climate Lens for Canada on June 1, 2018. But, what happens when we step through the Climate Lens and beyond? The Climate Lens creates a requirement that new projects that apply for Federal funding must evaluate their greenhouse gas emission impacts and climate vulnerability. The Climate Lens program imposes mandatory …

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Balance and Climate Resiliency

Balance and Climate Resiliency

Why Resiliency? Over the years our work has addressed both climate change adaptation and mitigation. Mitigation is reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Adaptation is hardening assets to make our infrastructure stand up to unpredictable and violent weather. Some people believe these concepts stand in opposition to each other. Some think money spent on adaptation will divert …

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