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climate, catastrophe and blame

Climate, Catastrophe and Blame

The Collision Collisions are like curling. In curling, we hurl stones at each other and the impact results in planned and unplanned consequences that can be catastrophic to your game strategy. In our work, we often confront the same mix of climate, catastrophe and blame Eighteen months ago, my son drove into an intersection just …

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Fear, Loathing and Climate Change

Fear, Loathing and Climate Change

Climate change has become a topic of political debate and controversy. Fear, loathing and climate change are inexorably intertwined. Twenty or so years ago, the climate was generally below the public radar. The debate was between academics, industry representatives, and bureaucrats. There was some political involvement, but it was sporadic and minimal. Canada signed onto …

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Mahjong-Climate-and-Mental Health

Mahjong, Climate and Mental Health

Life is Not a Mahjong Game Recently, reflecting on childhood memories, I started to contemplate the relationship between mahjong, climate and mental health. I grew up playing mahjong and listening to my family have weekend-long mahjong tournaments. In mahjong, each piece has a uniform tile-like appearance, and each tile has a unique and unaltering place …

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understanding climate risk tolerance

Understanding Climate Risk Tolerance

Risk Tolerance and Climate Resiliency  Understanding climate risk tolerance is an essential element for managing your climate resiliency program. Recently, I visited my financial advisor at the bank.  Just as we have done countless times before, we reviewed my investment risk profile before we considered my savings plan options.  It occurred to me that I often …

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Climate Resiliency and ERM

Climate Resiliency and ERM

Change is Inevitable I was thinking about climate resiliency and ERM, and it occurred to me that it is much like personal health management. Not too long ago, I did a general blood scan, and my GP summoned me to a follow-up visit. Imagine my concern when he told me that I had fluctuating potassium …

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Unidentified risk serious harm

Controlling Climate Assessment Costs

Must Climate Risk Assessment be Prohibitively Expensive? We often speak with folks who believe that assessing their climate risk will be prohibitively expensive. As a result, they don’t act. Unfortunately, for most organizations, inaction leaves them exposed to potentially devastating climate events and in some cases missed strategic opportunities. We believe that not knowing does …

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Climate, Catastrophe and Blame 1

In Praise of Risk Management

There is no good time for bad things to happen! It is often more difficult and expensive to respond to a risk event than to prepare ahead of time. In fact, without preparation, an organization may find it impossible to recover and restore operations to a stable, pre-loss, condition. For example, structural engineers advise installing …

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