Choosing the Right Assessment Tool

Choosing the Right Assessment Tool

Today we continue our series of videocasts. In this series, Joan and I address climate, risk and resiliency issues. In this episode, Joel provides his insight on choosing the right risk assessment tool.

Choosing the Right Assessment Tool Can Be Difficult

Often we a face the daunting task of selecting the right tool for assessing climate change risk. There are many tools to assess risk.  In climate practice there are several that dominate the field here in Canada, including the PIEVC Protocol and the ICLEI BARC process. There are others. Some professionals even try to assess risk from first-principles, assessing probability and severity, case-by-case. We recommend the rigour of standard methods, as experts have vetted them and practitioners have applied them successfully in the real world. But, which method?  

It is tempting to use the same tool (method) that other organizations have used successfully. Even this is no guarantee of success. Each organization has its own unique risk profile.  The tool that works well for your neighbour may not work for you. This is the same as buying a car. Your neighbour’s lifestyle and job may require a pickup truck that has little utility for your daily commute to work. We each have our own requirements that feed into these decisions. In the same way, there is no guarantee that one assessment tool has the flexibility to address every application. And we are back to selecting the right tool for OUR purposes.  

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