About 41

I spent most of my career working on environmental problems. That was the reason I became an engineer.

Founded by Joel and Joan Nodelman in 2002

Professional Consulting and Advice Risk - Climate - Resilience

Our Vision

Using the power of teamwork to fight climate change! Climate resilience and sustainability without environmental compromise!

I love talking with people. I learn something new every time. This is why I believe that communication is critical for addressing climate change. Together we can find a way.

Our Skills

Help your management, staff, clients and stakeholders engage in problem solving and collaborative consensus-building Bridge the gap between technical experts and laypersons   Draw consensus from diverse groups of stakeholders From one-day, in-house, strategic planning sessions to major national consultation initiatives  
Understand your risk to develop cost-effective solutions Assessing  technological, environmental, climatological, financial and social risk exposures.
Establish your policies and procedures based on coordinated, issue-specific problem solving and collaborative consensus-building. Applied research, strategic planning, cost/benefit analysis, policy development, and program design All levels of government and businesses  Regulations, strategic plans, policy discussion papers and advisory documents
Learn robust skills to understand climate change, and adapt to changing weather   Targeted professional development training   Academic institutions, associations, professional groups, private industry and government organizations 
Engineering to support your complex, environmentally sensitive projects   Environmental, adaptation, sustainable development, management and policy planning services.  
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