Climate Resilience

Course Expectatoins

Lesson 1 Module 1

Welcome to F19-04: How To Understand Each Other in Climate Resilience Work

This is a NodelWorks micro-course, split into six sections.

Section 1:  A summary of what is coming.

Section 2:  Joan offers a 15 minute video lecture on the impact of language on the climate dialogue.  Feel free to download the pdf version of her slide deck and follow along.

Section 3:  Joan provides an 8 minute podcast providing more detail. She talks about cases where we ran into the confusion that results when folks use different definitions for the same word.  You may download a transcript of her talk for future use.

Section 4:  We provide a self-assessment to help you determine where you lie on the spectrum of climate communication.  Are you more applied or are you more theoretical in your use of language? We hope that this will help you understand where your definitions could differ from others’ to aid in future climate discussions.

Section 5:  Links and downloads of useful resources that Joan mentions in her presentations. 

Section 6:  We hope you will take a few minutes to provide feedback on this NodelWorks offering. 

Once again, welcome!  We hope you enjoy the course!