​​​​Essential Trends in Climate, Risk and Resilience

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Why Essential Trends in Climate, Risk and Resilience?

Over the years, we have considered sharing our views about climate change in a blog. While this may seem like a simple decision, we took a long time to review the pros and cons. We believe that our work is important. The climate is changing and is threatening the very foundation of the systems we rely on, and can harm us all. We work with many folks to identify these threats and reduce their risk. We have done assessments across Canada and internationally, written articles and reports, and given a ton of presentations. Along the way, we have seen the essential trends and help folks manage their climate, risk and reliance issues.

Essential Trends in Climate, Risk and Resilience

Sharing Ideas about Climate Resilience

We Have a Lot to Share

We believe we have much to share. So why the reluctance about starting a blog? Well, not everyone agrees that the climate is changing. In fact, we have met with many folks along the way who just don’t buy it. They see any acceptance of climate change as a threat to their way of life. They can be aggressive, and sometimes they try to get personal. They crop up everywhere, in business meetings, online, at seminars, and even within the very organizations that have hired us to help.

We Must Take Action Now!

As climate professionals, we face this discussion almost every day. We can find it frustrating, as the arguments only cloud the issues and create divisions. While we find it challenging to address these fears head on, doing so is becoming core business. We cannot achieve resilience if we go on arguing about the existence of the very real threat we face.

So, with this in mind, we finally bit the bullet on this initiative and started publication of our blog early in 2019.  We accept that not everyone agrees with what we have to say. While we are we are always open to discussion, we are not fans of argument. So, we ask that comments remain civil and open to different perspectives on these issues.

Hope you enjoy the blog!

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