Governance of Climate Resiliency

Action 1

Photo by Daniil Silantev on Unsplash

Once you establish your climate resiliency governance framework and complete a climate risk assessment, you can institute an action plan to address your climate risk.  Your program should cover all aspects of your operation, not merely the climate hazards that could disrupt operations.

We can help you find climate change adaptation solutions that work for you.

Holistic Action Planning

Climate adaption goes well beyond changes to infrastructure systems. Climate action is most effective when it encompasses the entire organization. Naturally, the response should consider physical assets. However, it should also contemplate staff, financial resources, and business plans and strategies.  

A holistic approach is compatible with both the principles of sustainable development and enterprise risk management.  We find that enterprise risk approaches provide a concrete reference for sustainable operations.  Enterprise risk management helps organizations identify focused metrics that help plan and monitor progress towards a sustainable, resilient, organization.

Response Classification

We classify adaptation responses into several high-level categories.  Categorization helps identify classes of actions that can address your risk profile, and ensure that we evaluate options that span the entire organization.  Generally, we consider response categories that include:

  • Changes to policies and procedures

  • Financial responses
    • Insurance
    • Reserve funds
    • Weather derivatives

  • Strategic options
    • New business directions
    • Adjustments in investment strategies

  • Training
    • Integrating climate awareness in daily activities

  • Early warning
    • Prior notice and preparation for severe weather

  • Disaster recovery and business continuity
    • Emergency response planning
    • Business continuity and recovery planning
  • Engineering and infrastructure adaptations
    • Building robust systems
    • Improving existing systems

Working with Existing Plans

We strive to identify where our clients are already taking effective action.  We find that it is often better to build on a successful initiative. We may identify ways to expand and enhance its scope to incorporate climate issues while staying sensitive to the corporate decision-making process and culture. We strive to remain loyal to the methods that led to success in the first place.  Generally, disrupting successful initiatives is not a sound resiliency methodology.  

We Can Work with You

We have extensive experience in coordinating the multi-disciplinary group of engineering, science, legal, financial and management professionals needed to identify sound approaches to address climate change.  Generally, organizations have the expertise to identify meaningful recommendations that work within their corporate culture. Often, we simply guide the deliberations through a climate risk lens.  Your climate resiliency framework and assessment findings provide this focus.  We can guide the discussions based on our extensive background in the specific facilitation approaches necessary to address climate resiliency issues.  

Please reach out to us to discuss your climate action planning needs.