A Foundation for Progress

You have intimate knowledge of your organization and its systems. Effective risk assessment draws on your experience. We must review your policies and operations through a climate risk lens tailored to your climate resiliency governance framework. A pragmatic approach will ensure the continued success of your enterprise.

Climate change vulnerability and risk assessment establish a foundation for climate risk treatment options that can cover all aspects of your operation. When aligned with your governance framework, the assessment provides the information necessary to address adverse effects and to capitalize on the opportunities presented by climate change.

Climate Data Needs

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We can help you identify the sorts of climate information necessary to meet your objectives. Often, it is not essential to secure the most detailed and the most comprehensive database of climate parameters. Provincial and Federal Government summaries are usually sufficient to start you out on your climate program.

Once you have established your priorities, in alignment with your governance framework, you can make informed decisions regarding procuring more sophisticated and more detailed data. This approach saves you money. You do not purchase data and services that are not necessary to achieve your objectives. Establishing clear program objectives and criteria can save you substantial budget dollars that you can better allocate to climate risk treatment.

Assessment Tools

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We were the principal authors of the PIEVC Protocol. We can tailor the assessment methodologies to address the objectives you establish in your climate resiliency governance framework. Customizing the assessment procedure is an essential step.

There is a wide range of assessment methodologies available to guide climate vulnerability and risk work. They each have specific advantages and disadvantages depending on the objectives of the assessment. We can help you select the right tool and to tailor that tool to best address your particular requirements. We base much of our work on the methodologies outlined in ISO 31010, and we can work with you to ensure that the method you select for your assessment is compliant with international standards.

Doing the Assessment

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We have led or provided subject matter expert support to many climate vulnerability and risk assessments across Canada, and internationally.

Vulnerability and risk assessment is a multi-disciplinary process that draws on the skills and expertise of many different individuals. We believe in a facilitated approach drawing on the experience and knowledge of your staff to inform the assessment process. We apply an assessment methodology that demands rigorous documentation of our work and findings. We base our conclusions and recommendations on your climate resiliency framework and strive to incorporate this understanding in the assessment from start to finish.

Wherever possible, we support our findings through detailed research and analysis of supporting data. The review may include your history, the experiences of similar operations, or even predictive techniques such as failure modes and effects analysis.

We will prepare a summary report covering the assessment process, stakeholder input, research, projections and most importantly your climate risk profile and recommendations.

Enhancing Climate Resiliency

By integrating your knowledge and information about your systems with data about evolving climate patterns, we can help you establish your climate change risk profile. We base the profile on your climate governance framework, so it represents a real picture of your climate risk tolerance. Based on this information you can formulate your organization’s climate change adaptation strategies with the confidence that these actions align with your overall corporate objectives.

We Can Work with You

In our assessment work we apply the holistic approaches of enterprise risk management based on ISO 31000, the methodologies of ISO 31010, or as appropriate, COSO-ERM. We strive for a balance between economics, environmentally sensitivity, and social responsibility – sustainable development. We can help you meet your mandate to provide safe and reliable service to stakeholders, in a financially responsible manner.

Please reach out to us to discuss your climate vulnerability and risk assessment needs.