Joel Nodellman
Principal and CEO

Joel R. Nodelman

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I am an engineer and risk specialist with over forty years of professional practice. My main goal is climate resilience. I help my clients work toward resilience in the design, operation, and management of infrastructure and governance systems. I will help you find practical ways to address your climate risk.

About Joel

40+ years of professional practice in engineering, risk, and climate resilience
  • B.Sc.(Hon) – Queen’s University – Chemistry
  • M.Sc. – Queen’s University – Chemical Engineering
  • P.Eng. – Professional Engineer
  • FEC – Fellow of Engineers Canada
  • IRP – Infrastructure Resilience Professional
  • CRM – Canadian Risk Management Professional

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Helping you achieve climate resilience
Climate Resilience

Climate resilience depends on wholistic approaches to risk management. Our work strives to achieve a balance between:

  • Adaptation to be more resilient to climate events.
  • Integration of adaptation into existing finance and governance systems
  • Sensitivity to the environment, and social systems
  • Finding ways to build adaptation into other strategic opportunities

I believe resilience is not simply a cost we have to bear. It is also an opportunity to make us safer, more environmentally aware, and competitive, as we move forward into an uncertain future.

A wealth of experience

I help clients over a wide spectrum of tasks. With many years of professional experience, I have gained many skills. I can help you:

  • Assess and respond to climate risks and opportunities
  • Train you and your team on how to deal with climate risks
  • Prepare action plans
  • Develop guides and policies to streamline your work
  • Identify risk treatment options
  • Build resilience into day-to-day tasks
Gifted Educator
Training Services

A gifted speaker, facilitator and educator he taught 4th-year engineering courses in sustainable development and engineering management at the University of Alberta for well over a decade.He is the author of numerous articles and papers on sustainable development, climate change, climate resiliency, and environmental affairs.

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