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Thursday, September 24

10:00 a.m. Pacific

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Let's discuss effective climate negotiation ...

Earlier this year, Joan and were reflecting on some of the strange things we’ve experienced over many years of climate practice. We reminisced about the barriers to successful climate action we have tackled. You know, the odd things that upset us at the time that we laugh about now. But most important, what we had learned from all of this.We noted there are five essential skills that drive real progress on climate change. Strangely, the skills we’ve found most useful over the years were not technical, scientific, or engineering.

We thought it would be really nice to share an overview of these skills in a free live webinar. Over forty minutes, we will cover the key concepts. We will cover:

  • Understanding climate grief;
  • Knowing your audience;
  • Open listening;
  • Key messaging;
  • Dealing with trolls; and
  • How to receive the 20% discount.

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