May 27, 2019

Self Directed Learning and Climate Resiliency

Joan Nodelman

About the Author

Joan is a specialist in governance, education and risk management with over forty years of professional practice. She is committed to helping clients achieve their organizational objectives and goals through holistic risk management.

You’re just not thinking fourth dimensionally.

– Doc Brown – Back to the Future III –

Recently, I was thinking about self directed learning and climate resiliency. It all started when I developed an achy wrist and hand. I took to my “old friend” Google to see what could be happening. Google told me that I had symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, an inflammation of my wrist. Thus, I was probably typing too hard causing a swollen wrist and squeezing the nerves in my wrist. A few days of rest from computer work relaxed the affected area and relieved the pain. I learnt something new and now know how to use my keyboard more carefully. Then I thought, we can apply the same process of self directed learning to achieve climate resiliency.

Self Directed Learning to Meet the Future’s Challenges

This minor incident is an example of how information helps us solve our problems. Want to make Chinese food? There is a course for that! These days, our instructors are online and readily accessible. That is the beauty of self-directed Learning.

Doc Brown in Back to the Future III told Marty that he has to think 4th dimensionally, to see his time machine landing on a bridge built years in the future. In fact, we are all time travellers, and our life journey compels us to think 4th dimensionally. For example, as we travel through time, we must factor Climate Change into the equation.  

I am an optimist. I believe that we can amass knowledge to prepare ourselves using self-directed learning. We can get information to prepare us for the changes ahead. As brides might use the service of wedding planners, so we use online schools to help guide us in learning.

Self Directed Learning is Easier than in the Past

These days, access to information is amazing. Back in the day, we would spend hours in dusty libraries researching, only to find that the books we needed housed in another library, miles away. But today, if I need a recipe, or to figure out how to use a piece of software, the answer is at my fingertips, on the Internet. All I have to do is ask. 

The Cloud makes information accessible to anyone with WIFI and a device. So, our phones are not just a way to connect with our friends and peers, but also a window to the global library of knowledge. Even machinery manuals are in the Cloud. I marvel at the wonderful era we live in.

Even traditional schools are turning to the internet to provide training on many topics. In fact, you can even get real degrees on line. 

Climate Resiliency and the Internet

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.

 – Confucius –

Climate change is a constant source of debate on the internet. In this environment, we can find it difficult sorting out truth from fiction. Even here, the Cloud offers help. Climate experts willingly share their knowledge about climate resiliency. Thus, we can access the information we need to manage our lives and prepare for climate change. We might also find innovative solutions, and positive ways to navigate forward.

Naturally, we can all just search for answers whenever the mood hits us. But, these are random searches and may not provide fulsome answers. Online schools can provide direction. Thus they improve the efficiency of our learning, saving time, and guiding us past the myriad of dead ends we may encounter on the internet. Online schools can improve our learning, providing many benefits in both our personal lives and work. Schools help us learn from experts and provide quality information to download and study.

Knowledge Guides us Through Difficult Times

Self Directed Learning and Climate
Complex issues are no longer an impenetrable maze.

Knowledge helps us manage. Instead of fear, loathing, and uncertainty, we truly know how to plan. Complex issues are no longer an impenetrable maze. Perhaps there are ways to navigate disasters, and to take advantage of opportunities that may follow. But, this level of skill takes training.  Learning not only allows us delve into our hobbies but also can increase our chances of surviving a disaster. After the Ft. McMurray wildfire, one fact stood out for me. The low rate of death and injury during the evacuation of an entire city was striking. 

Many people in Ft. McMurray had safety training, required for their jobs. This knowledge kicked in during the fire, providing for a more orderly evacuation.  In fact, folks even checked on their neighbours, to make sure that everyone got out. The community’s awareness of safety procedures saved lives that day. 

Advantages of Self Directed Learning

Freedom to organize one’s training time is a major advantage of online learning. Instead of full-time schooling, we can access lesson on our own time. 

While training is good, in-person courses often require travel, meals, and lodging. Also, they may require time away from work, possibly in a very busy period. Often courses cram a lot of information into a short time. Students may struggle to absorb the training.  This can interfere with the overall value of the training. Conversely, on-line courses allow us to learn on a budget, on our own schedule, and provide time for a more complete understanding of the training. 

Learning new things is rewarding.  With training, we are more likely to make the right decisions at the right times.  In martial arts, learning skills through training and repetition can save lives. Similarly, professional training helps us solve complex, real-world, problems more quickly and with fewer errors along the way.   

A New Beginning

Recently, we formed a division of Nodelcorp we call NodelCorp University. Through University, we offer free and premium courses focussed on self directed learning and climate resiliency. Enrol today to learn from the subject matter experts, without travel and on your own time! Let’s learn to think 4th dimensionally.

Call to Action

You are not alone.  There are folks here to help you out.  Seek the advice of climate risk and resiliency experts.  Do not be afraid to engage in the debate.  We all have something valuable to offer. 

We provide ongoing commentary on these issues.  Feel free to contact us, we are always happy to discuss your climate, risk and resiliency.

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