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The Fine Art of Climate Negotiation – Climate Resilience 101 1

A Course from NodelCorp University …

Use our online course to break downroadblocks and work together for climateresilience.

Have you ever faced unfriendlystakeholders on a project needing community acceptance?

Have you ever written about climate action, only to receive poisonous comments and push back?  Your company and employees were viciously attacked for their projects and data?

Have you ever had trouble getting funding because the decision-maker believed that your resiliency project is too costly and unnecessary?

We can teach you the strategies to enhance communication and reduce the difficulties you face in climate discussions.

We can teach you how to get your point across.  

Learn to overcome angst of folks who are incited by misinformation touted by trolls.

This course helps you identify and manage common climate negotiation ploys.

The Fine Art of Climate Negotiation

Climate negotiation is emotional. We often struggle to convey the facts and urgency of the climate crisis.


In this course you will become familiar with the fine art of climate negotiation, audience analysis, establishing your core messaging, and open listening. With this foundation, you will learn the ten key tactics climate sceptics commonly use to derail discussion, inflame emotions, and delay progress.


Finally, you will learn how to diagnose the tactics on the fly, and how to calm the waters, get discussions back on track, and work together on climate change solutions.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Register now! You get immediate access to over five hours of lessons, tons of learn-while-you-go quizzes, and other bonus material. Learn from folks who have been on the front lines of climate negotiations for over twenty years. Become a better climate negotiator and get the results you need to improve climate resilience.

Learn from Experience

Joel and Joan have been doing climate and resilience projects for decades. They draw on personal experience to share what is likely to work and not work for you. 

20 Lessons and Over 5 Hours of Video

We cover each lesson in a video presentation that you can view on your own time, as often as you like. Join the conversation by commenting on the lesson. 

18 Learn-While-You-Go Quizzes

Reinforce your learning with optional quizzes. Challenge them as often as you like. Have fun! Share your thoughts with us and others taking the course.


Links to tons of optional video by knowledgable folks we learn from every day. Downloads and PDFs of every slide we present in the course. 

Why We Need to Know This

Folks Are Worried

We find ourselves more and more discussing climate issues with folks who have no scientific or technical background. They haven’t had the opportunity to do the groundwork to fully appreciate the fine points of the science, nor do they care.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t have opinions. What they hear about climate change worries them very much. They anticipate the impact on themselves, on their friends, and on their families. 

Climate Science is Difficult

These are not issues that technical folks, scientists, engineers and policy wonks explain very well to frightened laypeople. When we don’t do it well, we often make things worse. They see us as ivory-tower, elites. We are just lording it over them. They get angry!

We need to acquire new skills to help us communicate better about climate change, find common ground, and work more effectively together on solutions.

Acceptance Drives Resilience

We spent years facilitating climate change issues with a wide range of stakeholders. Of course, all the scientific folks. But also laypeople, First Nations, media, environmentalists, lawyers, and on and on. 

We have learned much over the last thirty years that we can share with you.

Our success and our resilient future depend on how well we do this. 

What the Course Covers

Twenty Video Lessons in Four Modules



Welcome to The Fine Art of Climate Negotiation. Introductory comments from your instructor and an optional lesson on navigating the course interface. Getting set up for success. 


Part 1 – Fundamentals

This module covers a range of skills and concepts we all need to master to become effective climate negotiators. These principles establish the foundation for the approaches we learn in Part 2 of the course to confront tactics used to obstruct the path to climate resilience. 


Part 2 – Logical Fallacies in Climate Negotiation

In this module we provide overviews of ten tactics used commonly to obstruct the path to climate resilience. We consider where you might encounter the tactic, provide examples of each, and offer suggestions on how you can respond when you confront it. 


Putting it All Together

In this module we wrap everything up. This one lesson provides an overview of the entire course, and reinforces the linkages between the fundamentals and effective climate negotiation skills.


Download, Dig Deeper and Share!

Bonus 1
Download Every Slide

Over our many years of public presentations and university teaching, the question we get most often is, “Can I have a copy of your slides?” This quick answer is “Yes!”

For every lesson we provide PDFs of our slides that you can download. You can use the slides to follow along, make your own notes and jog your memory. These PDFs are yours to keep.

Bonus 2
Access Useful Resources

We share resources from the folks we trust most. We spent decades doing climate negotiation. Over that time we have discovered experts who also share their work freely. These are people we return to again and again to inform our work.

In almost every lesson , we share useful downloads, and links that allow you to dig deeper, and learn from other experts.

Bonus 3
Share YOUR Experience

In every lesson you have the opportunity to share your ideas and experiences with us and other course participants. Enhance your learning experience by discussing your own approach to situations or tactics described in the lesson. In this way, we all learn together.

We curate comments to prevent personal attacks and petty behaviour that sometimes occur in online chats. This makes our comment forum a safe place for you to share.

About The Course CreatorsJoel and Joan Nodelman

Over the years Joel and Joan have had hundreds of conversations about sensitive topics with interested folks from a diverse range of backgrounds and education. Sometimes they ran large public meetings and others they had more intimate chats with folks who struggled to understand the affect of climate on their lives, their work and their families. Through it all they found that talking about climate can be heated and tricky. It is easy to get off track. They figured out the secrets for keeping things on topic. This is how to bring about positive results.

Working in partnership, Joan and Joel designed and built this course. They share Joan’s love of talking to people from all walks of life and learning from their life experiences.  They combine this with Joel’s lifelong love of teaching and sharing knowledge. 

Joel will be your guide through the course. Ever camera-shy, Joan prefers to stay behind the camera and chat with folks face-to-face. But as always, the course reflects their combined experience and team approach to climate negotiation.

The Fine Art of Climate NegotiationThe Fine Art of Climate Negotiation

Why Online Training?

We have all attended face-to-face training sessions. They can be very expensive. Between travel, accommodation, registration fees, and lost work time, you could be looking at over $4,000 to attend a one-day training session. In a time of tight budgets, even getting approval for the training can be a challenge.  

On the other side, we have also attended free webinars. While a common approach, free webinars don’t offer you the chance to dig deeply into a topic. Often, you are left with nagging questions. You may follow up with the presenters but, more often than not, we all get busy and the questions go unanswered.

We believe there is a sweet spot between the time and expense of face-to-face training and short webinars. This is where self-directed online training comes in. It costs much less than traditional training and you can do it on your own time without the hassle and expense of travel. You can dig into the concepts and access additional downloads and links that offer you a much deeper understanding of the concepts and approaches. And, you can always go back and revue a lesson. You have permanent access.

Face-to-face training is always the best, when you have the time and budget. But online training offers a very nice compromise that helps you get the training you need, at a reasonable price. And you can still attend to the day-to-day demands work.This is why Nodelcorp University. This is why The Fine Art of Climate Negotiation. We hope you can join us.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 14-Days

We know buying a course on line can be stressful. What if I don’t like the training? Or, what if the training doesn’t cover what I need?

This is why we offer a 14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not happy with the course within fourteen days of purchase, we will return your registration fees, no questions asked. Check it out. If you don’t like it, get your money back!

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start the course?

You can start the course any time. You will have immediate access after registration. And you can complete it on your own time.

What is the refund policy?

We offer a 14-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We will return your registration fees, with no questions asked, if you are not satisfied within fourteen days of purchase. 

What happens when you update the course? 

You will have access to all updates we may make to the course. If we make a major revision, we will notify you through the course registration list by email. 

How long do I have access? 

You have permanent access to the course. There are no time limits, and we keep you posted on any major revisions to the course. 

Do I get a say? 

Absolutely! We believe that good learning demands interaction between the instructors and your fellow participants. This is why every lesson and page in the course allows commenting that is visible to everyone in the course. 

We encourage participants to comment as much as they want. Comments are moderated for civility, and to protect participants from spam and harassment. But otherwise, everything is shared. 

Can I speak to the instructors privately?


You can always reach us via private emails for questions that you feel are too sensitive to share with other participants.

A note from Joel …

I hope you can join us on this exciting journey! Joan and I are proud of this course offering. It reflects many years of our own climate negotiation with all sorts of folks. 

We wanted to share this with others and spent many months doing background research about the tactics we encountered. We challenged each other. What did we do right? What went wrong? How would we approach things differently, knowing what we know now.

We are still on a journey together, working hard for climate resilience, and we would love to have you with us.

The Fine Art of Climate Negotiation – Climate Resilience 101 5One Time Payment

join us on this exciting journey!

Complete The Fine Art of Climate Negotiation at Your Leisure!



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Twenty Video Lessons
  • Eighteen Quizzes

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