May 13, 2019

Thinking, Feeling and Climate Change

Joel Nodelman

About the Author

Joel is an engineer and risk management specialist with over forty years of professional practice. He is committed to helping his clients achieve climate resiliency and sustainability.

Today we continue our series of videocasts. In this series, Joan and I address climate, risk and resiliency issues. In this episode, Joel provides his insight on thinking, feeling and climate change.

Discussing climate change can be frustrating. We have the data; we have the science, but people are afraid. Thus, they worry about their livelihood. They worry about their children. These concerns can colour the climate discussion. In this short presentation, Joel offers his insight on about this topic.

Thinking, Feeling and Climate Change – People are Afraid

It is wise to remember that there are there are folks out there who have legitimate concerns about our response to climate change.  So, we must treat those concerns with respect and engage those folks in developing the solutions to the climate change enigma.

These are complex socio-economic issues that require nuanced approaches.  Simplistic solutions can have major unintended consequences.  Once again, this is the realm of risk management.  What consequences do we anticipate from our proposed solutions?  What are the broader implications?  Who will be impacted and how can we mitigate that impact?  Thus, we need answers to these questions and more.  To get to those answers we have to have a fulsome, and broadly engaged, debate, and we have to include the voices of those folks that are directly affected by our actions.  In fact, for some folks this is very personal, and we need to provide ways and means to address their concerns.   

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