Climate Negotiation

The Fine Art of Climate Negotiation

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About this course

Climate negotiation is emotional. We often struggle to convey the facts and urgency of the climate crisis.

In this course you will become familiar with fundamentals of climate negotiation, audience analysis, establishing your core messaging, and open listening. With this foundation, you will learn the ten key tactics climate sceptics commonly use to derail discussion, inflame emotions, and delay progress.

Finally, you will learn how to diagnose the tactics on the fly, and how to calm the waters, get discussions back on track, and work together on climate change solutions.

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Course Structure

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Welcome to The Fine Art of Climate Negotiation. Introductory comments from your instructor and an optional lesson on navigating the course interface. Getting set up for success. 

7 Lessons

Part 1 - Fundamentals

This module covers a range of skills and concepts we all need to master to become effective climate negotiators. These principles establish the foundation for the approaches we learn in Part 2 of the course to confront tactics used to obstruct the path to climate resilience. 

Lesson 2 – Why Do I Need to Know This?

15:28 min - Sources, strengths and weaknesses of climate change information.

Lesson 3 – The Climate Grieving Process

12:37 min - Stages of the Climate Grieving Process and the difference between emotion and logic in the climate dialogue.

Lesson 4 – The Players

21:59 min - Key motivations of the different players at the table, and how to approach them.

Lesson 5 – Difference Between Conflict and Negotiation

9:39 min - How argument and conflict are different and alternatives for emotionally loaded words.

Lesson 6 – What is Peer Review?

12:45 min - The peer review process and why this is important in climate negotiation.

Lesson 7 – Developing Your Core Message

16:41 min - Why we need a core message and how everyone’s core message is different.

Lesson 8 – The Art of Open Listening

16:47 min - Open Listening and why it is important.

11 Lessons

Part 2 - Logical Fallacies in Climate Negotiation

In this module we provide overviews of ten tactics used commonly to obstruct the path to climate resilience. We consider where you might encounter the tactic, provide examples of each, and offer suggestions on how you can respond when you confront it. 

Lesson 9 – Why Logical Fallacies?

9:30 min - Logical fallacies in climate negotiation and overview of how to deal with them.

Lesson 10 – Moving the Goalposts

11:12 min - Understand moving the goal posts and what to do about it.

Lesson 11 – The Strawman

14:39 min - The straw man fallacy and what to do about it.

Lesson 12 – Appealing to Hypocrisy

15:04 min - The appealing to hypocrisy fallacy and what to do about it.

Lesson 13 – The Ad Hominem Argument

10:34 min - The ad hominem fallacy and what to do about it.

Lesson 14 – False Balance

10:34 min - The false balance fallacy and what to do about it.

Lesson 15 – The Irrelevant Expert

17:02 min - The irrelevant expert fallacy and what to do about it.

Lesson 16 – The False Dilemma

9:34 min - The false dilemma fallacy and what to do about it.

Lesson 17 – Cherry Picking

16:41 min - Cherry picking and what to do about it.

Lesson 18 – Circular Reasoning

19:24 min - Circular reasoning and what to do about it.

Lesson 19 – The Slippery Slope

21:29 min - The slippery slope and what to do about it.

2 Lessons

Putting it All Together

In this module we wrap everything up. This one lesson provides an overview of the entire course, and reinforces the linkages between the fundamentals and effective climate negotiation skills.

Lesson 20 – Putting it all Together

Course overview and key take-aways.

Final Thoughts

Short thank you video. Course survey.